RISS Working Groups

 If you are interested in volunteering for any current working group, please contact Alyssa Vincent.

Current Working Groups

  • RISS Blog Working Group:
    Purpose & Goals: Maintain an active blog that pertains to issues relevant to reference and information services.
    Membership: Volunteers drawn from RISS membership

Past Working Groups

  • RISS Pathfinder Working Group:
    Emilee Mathews, Amy Ballmer
    Purpose & Goals: To develop and maintain an online repository of art and art history research guides.
    Membership: Volunteers drawn from RISS membership
  • RISS Workshops Working Group:
    Purpose & Goals: To facilitate professional growth of ARLIS/NA members and conference attedndees in collection development and public service (esp. reference & instruction) in specific subject areas.
    Membership: Six members drawn from RISS for two year terms.
  • Artists’ File Working Group:
    Jon Evans, Roberta Geier
    Purpose & Goals: To provide better access to artist’ files; explore the development of a directory of institutional holdings; promote best practices for artists’ files.
  • Free Web Resources Working Group:
    Hannah Bennett, Laura Graveline
    Purpose & Goals: To create a guide to free internet resources concerned with Art History and the Fine Arts.
    Online publication: Free Art Resources on the Web
  • G.K. Hall Library Catalog Inventory Project:
    Peter Blank
    Purpose & Goals: To identify to what extent libraries covered by G.K. Hall catalogs have subsequently converted that catalog information into their online catalogs.

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