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Multimedia & Technology Reviews are Launched!

Reposting an announcement sent out by ARLIS Present Gregg Most about our publication’s launch!


On April 15th, 2014, the Art Libraries Society of North America launched the first issue of its newest publication, the Multimedia & Technology Reviews, an e-publication made freely available on the ARLIS/NA website.

The Multimedia & Technology Reviews (M&T Reviews) targets projects, products, events, and issues within the broad realm of multimedia and technology as they pertain to arts scholarship, research, and librarianship. While assessing current products and projects, these reviews are also designed to engage readers in a conversation about how technologies and multimedia are being or can be deployed within our profession and by our constituents. The issues are published bi-monthly, alternating with the publication schedule of the ARLIS/NA Reviews.

M&T Reviews is managed by co-editors Hannah Bennett, Elizabeth Schaub, and Emilee Mathews, who also serves as the appointed liaison to the ARLIS/NA Reference and Information Services Section (RISS) to ensure that an area of the M&T Reviews directly reflects the sorts of tools and resources of interest the RISS membership. Reviews are written by volunteer reviewers, elected by the M&T Reviews co-editors.  One does not need to be a member of ARLIS/NA or a professional librarian in order to get involved with this publication. Those interested in volunteering to review are encouraged to read over the publication’s policies and guidelines.

Issues are published on the Multimedia & Technology Reviews website within the ARLIS/NA’s organizational website.  Questions about the reviews, getting involved, or the general management of the publication may be directed to Hannah Bennett.

Gregory P. J. Most


Art Libraries Society of North America


Call for Applicants: Multimedia and Technology Reviews Co-Editor

This message is reposted from Hannah Bennett, ARLIS/NA’s Professional Resources Editor:

Dear Colleagues,

The ARLIS/NA Executive Board invites applications for a co-editor to join the small team responsible for ARLIS Multimedia & Technology Reviews. This new online publication will appear bi-monthly in alternation with ARLIS/NA Reviews.


ARLIS Multimedia & Technology Reviews is designed to provide insightful evaluations of projects, products, events, and issues within the broad realm of multimedia and technology as they pertain to arts scholarship, research, and librarianship.  Subject areas may include films, performance videos, viral videos, video games, productivity software, mobile devices, social media applications, digital design collectives, research guides, databases and indexes, native online exhibitions, and much more.

The Multimedia & Technology Reviews Co-Editor is appointed by the President for a two-year, renewable term. The incumbent works with the M&T editorial team, which in includes the Professional Resources Editor who also convenes the team and serves as liaison to the Communications and Publications Committee, as well as a third co-editor appointed by the ARLIS/NA Reference and Information Services Section.

This position shares responsibility with the other co-editors for all content posted to the reviews’ featured section on the ARLIS/NA website.  At the same time, this position will be involved in soliciting and selecting appropriate topics for review.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Identifies potential topics for review
  • Solicits reviewer participation from the ARLIS/NA membership and affiliate organizations
  • Assigns reviews to reviewers
  • Obtains visuals, if available, from the reviewed resources to serve as “cover art”
  • Edits reviews alongside the other editors
  • Formats all reviews and submits them in required format to the ARLIS/NA Web site editor; checks posted reviews and notifies the Web site editor if any changes are necessary

Members with proven editorial experience and deep interest or knowledge in arts research technologies and related forms of multimedia are encouraged to submit a letter of interest and résumé to Hannah Bennett by Friday, June 21, 2013. Any inquiries about the position may also be directed to me.

An evaluation subcommittee consisting of the Art Documentation Editor, ARLIS/NA Review Editors, the Professional Resources Editor and the Reference and Information Services Section co-editor will review applications. The subcommittee will make a recommendation to the ARLIS/NA Executive Board for appointment no later than July 15, 2013.


Hannah Bennett, Librarian

Multimedia and Technology Reviews Announcement

This message is reposted from ARLIS/NA President Gregory Most:


Dear Colleagues;


Over the last 50 years or so, arts librarianship and the disciplines it serves have become inconceivable without multimedia resources and ever-changing technologies. Today, websites, specialized software, mobile technologies, collaborative forums, films, and video games are just a few areas constituting one’s engagement with arts research.  As arts information specialists, we must remain attune to these technologies and resources as we develop new dimensions or spaces fostering arts research. Thus, I am pleased to announce a new category of reviews for ARLIS/NA, the Multimedia and Technology Reviews.


Developed in the same spirit of the ARLIS/NA Reviews, these reviews will target projects, products, events, and issues within the broad realm of multimedia and technology as they pertain to arts scholarship, research, and librarianship. While assessing current products and projects, these reviews are also designed to engage the membership in a conversation about how technologies and multimedia are being or can be deployed within our profession and by our constituents. These reviews are designed to incorporate an element of experimentation by highlighting resources that take readership a bit by surprise and are not as likely to be covered in other library literature.


The publishing schedule will alternate with the bi-monthly schedule of the ARLIS/NA Reviews, with the first installment expected towards the end of the summer or early fall. These reviews will be overseen by a small editorial team convened by the Professional Resources Editor and will include a standing co-editor from the ARLIS Reference and Information Services Section, namely Emilee Mathews, section moderator, as well as a third editor to be chosen by a selection committee.  The editorial team and the new review category will, organizationally, fall within the Communications and Publications Committee’s purview.


If you are interested in serving on this editorial board, please stay tuned for a call for applicants to be distributed on ARLIS-L in the weeks to come.  As with the ARLIS/NA Reviews, reviewer participation from ARLIS/NA and its affiliates is key and the editorial team will be soliciting reviewer participation. In the mean time, if you have something in mind that would be perfect for this category of reviews, please pitch it to Hannah Bennett, Professional Resources Editor, while also directing any questions about this new category to her.


On behalf of the new ARLIS/NA Communications and Publications Committee,


Gregory Most



Gregory P. J. Most


Art Libraries Society of North America

Call for Agenda items

Hi RISSers!
I wanted to let you know that the Reference & Information Services Section is scheduled to meet Friday, April 26, 12:30-1:30 p.m in Conference Center 214. Please feel free to bring your lunch to munch on.
We’re excited to update you on major projects co-moderators Amy Ballmer and I have been working toward during this past year, talk about the conference and members’ contributions, and also to engender discussion on how best RISS can serve you. If you have something you’d like to add to the RISS meeting agenda, please contact me directly by Monday, April 16th.
Also, while scoping out the conference program, please keep in mind the session The Evolution of Art Reference and Instruction: Outreach, Overlay, Online, featuring RISS members Audrey Ferrie, Michael Wirtz, Kim Detterbeck, and Liv Valmestad.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Pasadena!
-Your RISS Moderator, Emilee Mathews

Developing a Conference Presentation: A Primer for New Library Professionals

I came across this article on developing conference presentations – the timing is perfect as ARLIS/NA Conference proposal season has begun!

Rogoschewsky, T. (2011). Developing a Conference Presentation: A Primer for New Library Professionals. Partnership: The Canadian Journal Of Library & Information Practice & Research, 6(2), 1-7.


A step-by-step guide that leads new professionals through the process of creating a conference proposal and developing a successful presentation.

Full Text: PDF HTML

Penny for Your Thoughts

Originally posted by Anna Simon

My colleague Adam, a Multimedia Instruction Coordinator at the Gelardin New Media Center at
Georgetown University, recently wrote up his observations from the Penny Conference in NY on teaching, creativity, and innovation. It’s a nice reminder that in addition to imparting information, part of our job is to inspire inspiration. You can link to the original post here.

Dr. Tony Wagner on stage at Penny 2012

Penny 2012: A reflection on’s first conference

Last Friday, I attended‘s first annual Penny Conference in New York. The event was very similar to a TED conference: it consisted mainly of a series of short talks centered around the theme of education innovation. You can view videos of the entire conference by clicking here. They put together quite a diverse panel of speakers: faculty from Harvard and NYU; a restaurateur; a 14-year-old TED veteran and teacher; several entrepreneurs; and a former investment banker who started an organizationto build schools in developing countries.

The afternoon-long gathering was big on ideas and inspiration. This wasn’t the kind of conference where you learn new information or skills. It was all about dreaming big, thinking differently, and pursuing an audacious vision of learning in the 21st century.

I found a lot of inspiration in the talks, but there were a few key themes that really stood out to me. The biggest of these is that learning is, and always has been, driven by human curiosity, as this fantastic videofrom Skillshare illustrates. It was curiosity that drove me to spend hours of my childhood reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica on my friend’s living room floor. Curiosity was the fuel behind the (unfortunately, recently discontinued) NASA Shuttle program, and its predecessor, the Apollo program. Curiosity took Darwin to Galapagos, and led Newton to his principia.

And it’s curiosity, paired with creativity, that leads to innovation. Dr. Tony Wagner from Harvard University called for a shift from a consumer-driven culture to an innovation-driven culture in his talk. And the task of educators in this is to call forth their students’ curiosity and creativity; to create an environment that challenges students to take risks, and rewards those who do. Prof. Kio Stark of NYU pointed out the central role of failure in the learning process, and how penalizing failure handicaps our students’ growth and crushes their curiosity. 14-year-old Adora Svitakemphasized the need for teachers to model and encourage a love for learning in their own lives and in their instruction, because if students develop a love for learning, they will learn more and go further than we can imagine.

The clear takeaway for me from the Penny conference was that education should be about inspiration, far more than mere information. To be sure, facts and information are critical; but without inspiration, facts will be forgotten, and without empowerment, information will never translate to innovation and action.

New! Arts related Libguide & Pathfinder Directory

The Reference and Information Services Section (RISS) is pleased to share our new online directory of arts related libguides and pathfinders. You can access this directory by navigating your browser to the right side column titled “Pages,” from there click on “ARLIS/NA Libguide & Pathfinder Directory.  

As you continue to create libguides/pathfinders on arts related topics, please forward  the  web address for each guide, along with the name of your institution to Amy Ballmer at:

This guide will be monitored by the RISS moderator, vice-moderator, our AWS News Contributor. Open access posting is not available at this time. 
Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We appreciate your contributions and look forward to exploring the excellent work of ARLIS/NA members.


Virginia Allison, moderator (, Amy Ballmer, vice-moderator (, Mia D’Avanza, AWS News Contributor (md’