ARLIS Meeting Notes

These are the notes from our meeting Friday, April 26, at the 2013 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Pasadena, CA.

·         Introductions – Emilee Mathews (Indiana University) continues on as moderator and she introduced the new vice moderator (Elizabeth Lane, Frick Art Reference Library) and news editor (Beth Hylen, Corning Museum of Glass)

·         Conference update/recommendations – RISS members shared information already gathered from sessions and workshops attended and made suggestions for other panels and poster sessions that may be of interest to reference librarians

·         How best to communicate new ideas and resources– EM led a discussion on the future of RISS and how best to communicate to members throughout the year.

o   The pros and cons of maintaining a RISS blog were discussed along with the suggestion to rely more on short bursts of information through Twitter rather than longer blog posts.

o   EM updated the group on the new ARLIS/NA Media Reviews. The details are still being decided, but the proposed ARLIS/NA Media Reviews will focus on electronic resources and websites that would be on interest to ARLIS/NA members. RISS will contribute via a ‘RISS Recommends’ section and a possible editorial role through the RISS moderator or moderator selected representative.

o   The RISS Pathfinder list needs to be more fully cataloged to enhance its usability. Volunteers were sought to work on creating keywords/tags for the entries.

·         RISS and the Strategic Plan- The room was divided into small groups to discuss how RISS fits with goals of the new ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan. Several groups shared their comments, including more educational content, and possible mentoring.

o   RISS should once again submit sponsored panels or workshops for ARLIS/NA conferences

o   RISS should collaborate with relevant SIGS and committees such as the Teaching Librarians SIG and the Education Subcommittee.


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