New! Arts related Libguide & Pathfinder Directory

The Reference and Information Services Section (RISS) is pleased to share our new online directory of arts related libguides and pathfinders. You can access this directory by navigating your browser to the right side column titled “Pages,” from there click on “ARLIS/NA Libguide & Pathfinder Directory.  

As you continue to create libguides/pathfinders on arts related topics, please forward  the  web address for each guide, along with the name of your institution to Amy Ballmer at:

This guide will be monitored by the RISS moderator, vice-moderator, our AWS News Contributor. Open access posting is not available at this time. 
Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We appreciate your contributions and look forward to exploring the excellent work of ARLIS/NA members.


Virginia Allison, moderator (, Amy Ballmer, vice-moderator (, Mia D’Avanza, AWS News Contributor (md’


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